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Tis the Season to Knit



I am working on a basic 1×1 ribbed hat in a light grey using Cloud 9 yarn.


    We watched SAFE last weekend, and I wanted to reproduce that manly knit hat Jason Statham wears for my husband.

    For my next project, I am super excited to get started on this adorable heart hat from Pickles: From Norway with Love.


    I am not sure what I love more, knitting or pinning knitting projects.


Knit Wit

I’m taking a knitting class that meets once a month for an entire year. We make a different hat meant for small children each month. So far, I’ve had two classes. I took the class because I figured it would be a good way for me to learn a variety of new techniques. That has proved to be true, as I’ve already learned how to read a lace pattern, knit icord, and knit on two circular needles. Here are my first two projects:

Please excuse the crappy camera phone photos.

I like the peach lace hat better than the second, which was a pain to make and I think it looks funny. The top seems to be too narrow and tall for the brim. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t know.

I also made myself a green variegated scarf.

Last night, I started a new project. It reminds me of a Tori Amos song. I know that’s weird. But I can’t wait to wear it and sing “never was a cornflake girl.”

Although, I’ll admit, my first 15 rows do not look like those in the sample. My brim is rolling, and I’m not super happy about it. I’m going to plug along and see what happens. Perhaps it is that I used a knitted cast on instead of the long tail. We shall see.

It’s a good day


Ever have those days when you are feeling not-so-great about yourself, but then something happens and you realize the world is actually pretty ok?

After feeling like crud earlier, I came home and made an awesome risotto for dinner AND managed to finish the baby hat.

Many thanks to all who offered knitting advice. A little tug and the right sequence made all the difference.

Knitting frustration

I learned to knit about two months ago. I’m practicing a baby hat for my cousin’s baby girl due in June. I’m totally a newb, so don’t make fun of my poor skills. Every dang hat I make comes out like this! (this is number four, but my first baby-sized attempt). When I knit 2 together on the decrease, it’s very apparent. There are bumps, and on the models I’ve seen, there are no decrease bumps. I’ve googled it, but I’m not even sure what to call it.

my first finished baby hat

detail on the annoying bumps - how do I fix this?

Gah! And I know it’s probably not the best idea, but I generally consider patterns more of a guide. I loosely follow them, but either way, I don’t think that has any influence over the bump issue.

Any knitters out there care to bestow their wisdom upon me?

My mom’s scarf


I learned to knit this winter so that I wouldn’t spend all my time facebooking at night. It has been fun and challenging, and there were certainly days I didn’t think I could learn something new.

I spent almost three weeks working on this scarf for my mom. I made it for her birthday, and gave it to her this weekend. She loved it, and I was pretty happy with the way it came out. For my very first attempt it was not bad (I mean, I’d wear it!).

It’s a simple ribbed pattern of  knit stitches followed by purl stitches. The best/easiest part was adding the fringe!