Day Zero List

Embarking on the Day Zero Project… this should be fun!

101 things in 1001 days.

1. Pay off all credit card debt
2. Meet Anthony Bourdain (Not quite, but did see him on stage 2/19/12; May 7, 2013!!)
3. Read the Game of Thrones Books (5 of 5)
4. Loose 10 pounds (14 down as of 6/26/12!)
5. Go on a picnic (Subway sandwiches at River Park in DeWitt with James and Dieter).
6. Go on a road trip
7. Go ice skating
8. Learn French
9. Go to Reserve Wine Bar in GR (Amazing!)
10. Have a family portrait taken
11. Go on a wine tour
12. Do something completely out of my comfort zone
13. Learn how to use my DSLR camera properly
14. Read all the books I own, but haven’t read
15. Be a bridesmaid
16. Dress up for Halloween
17. Attend a local (Lansing) theater show
18. Read the Narnia series
19. Learn to eat with chopsticks
20. Create a classic wardrobe
21. Take a zumba class
22. Learn to curl my hair (away from the face!)
23. Swim with a dolphin
24. Have a yard sale (made $200!)
25. Take pictures in a photo booth
26. Go horseback riding
27. Get a passport
28. Learn to cable knit
29. Make my mom’s sugar cookies
30. Finish my book room
31. Write/edit/design a cookbook
32. Eat 3 things I’ve never tried before

1. Dragon Fruit
2. Millet
3. Chicken Pad Thai

33. Find a dining room table (One on loan)
34. Watch every episode of Glee
35. Get a New Year’s kiss at midnight
36. Build a gingerbread house
37. See 5 classic movies I’ve never seen

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
2. St. Elmo’s Fire

38. Re-decorate the bathroom
39. Get a library card
40. Go to a fireworks show on the Fourth of July
41. Stop drinking soda for a month
42. Get over my fear of public speaking

1. Social media presentation – a step in the right direction

43. Write a letter to myself to open in ten years
44. Build a snowman
45. Go camping in my backyard
46. Send a secret to PostSecret
47. Get a massage
48. Attend an Old Town festival
49. Have breakfast in bed
50. Attend an MSU sporting event

1. MSU vs. Indiana Football, 11/19/11

51. Go to Chicago (again, and more often) [April 2012, July 2012]
52. Eat at one bucket list restaurant
53. Go to Boston
54. Go to a museum
55. Complete a sewing project
56. Attend trivia night at a restaurant or bar
57. Spend a day exploring my city
58. Finish my MSU tree photo series (1 of 4)
59. Throw a party
60. Buy flowers for myself for no reason
61. Go to a Farmer’s Market
62. Read 10 classic books


63. Participate in a charity walk
64. Go to a celebrity chef’s restaurant
65. Make a proper Coq au vin
66. Attend ArtPrize in Grand Rapids
67. Explore a small nearby town
68. Go to Austin, TX
69. Go to Philadelphia
70. Make a terrarium
71. Finish updating my kitchen
72. Update my work portfolio
73. Start an Etsy shop
74. Build the Taj Mahal of outdoor kennels for Dieter
75. Go to a roller derby match
76. Visit five local restaurants I’ve never been to

1. Cancun, Grand Ledge, MI
2. Fork in the Road, Lansing, MI
3. Red Haven, East Lansing, MI
4. Meat, Lansing, MI
5. American Crepes

77. Take a pottery class
78. Shoot hoops in the driveway
79. Go to the dentist
80. Have a spa day
81. See Mount Rushmore
82. Go to a food festival
83. Make a pie from scratch
84. Cook a Thanksgiving dinner
85. Buy something from Ikea
86. Go a week without makeup
87. Surprise someone with an unexpected gift
88. Learn to knit socks
89. Go apple picking
90. Find a good homemade spaghetti sauce recipe and make it more than once
91. Buy a bike
92. Buy a tent
93. Take a road trip by myself
94. Go to an art gallery
95. Decorate our yard for Christmas
96. Jump into a pile of leaves
97. Go sledding
98. Ride a horse
99. Plant new bushes in front of the house
100. Find a signature perfume India Hicks, Island Living, Spider Lily
101. Get a MSUAA lifetime membership


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