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The Perfect Boots

Remember when I saw boots on this girls at the movies and I totally fell in love with them? Well, these are even better.


I might have to eat ramen for a couple months, but I need these boots.


Art Deco Inspired Dresses

Broadwalk Empire and The Great Gatsby movie have brought the roaring 20s back in a big way. Today my husband (on his own!) said we should get some cool outfits and do a 1920s theme photo shoot. Um, yes!!!

Naturally, I have been looking at dresses and was surprised to find some amazing styles from Dillard’s. Yes, Dillard’s. Here is a look at a few of my favorites.


So pretty. I want them all!

End of Season Boot Sales!

I was at a movie theatre this weekend, and a girl waiting in line near me had the most amazing boots. I am kicking myself for not asking her about them, and I spent my entire Saturday on a boot hunt. The good news is that it’s April and fall boots are on clearance.

I haven’t been able to find the same ones I saw on my movie mate, but these Etienne Aigner ones are close. Imagine them with a lower heel, darker brown, and rounded edges along the fabric.


I know, right? They were awesome.

I hit almost every shop in town on Saturday with no luck. DSW had some great boots on clearance, but nothing in my size. I ended up coming home and ordering these babies online for $25.


So the search continues for the perfect boots, but at least I scored some cute ones on clearance for now!

Express Fashion Find!

I have been dreaming of this top since I first saw it on Pinterest months ago. Unable to track down the source, I resigned to loving it only in pictures.


I nearly jumped for joy today when I spotted a near replica while out doing some Christmas shopping!


Bonus points for buying it with the $40 coupon Express sent me for my birthday!

Anniversary dress


I am on the hunt for the perfect dress for our second wedding anniversary. We are going back to the place we had our wedding, The English Inn. I kind of want to wear my wedding shoes, so I had been looking for a dress that would go, but I am not married to the idea. If I find a dress that doesn’t work with blue floral print heels, then so be it.

I am really liking this little number from Mod Cloth, though.

In general, I hate buying clothes online. I am a try-it-on kind of girl. I suppose I can always send it back, right?

I must have this dress…. or one like it

No, really. I am obsessed with this dress. It’s dramatic, sophisticated and elegant….and only $1,500. Yeah, right. I haven’t dug too deep yet, but I’d love to find a cheaper (under $500) knock-off version.
Rachel Gilbert dress

I’ve sort of been plotting hiring a photographer and heading back to the place we got married, The English Inn, for an anniversary session this summer.

This dress seems absolutely perfect…