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The Colette Bed

I bought some furniture and art for our bedroom last year, but I kinda knew it was a temporary fix because the room really needs new carpet and paint (and that wasn’t in the budget at the time).

Looking at it now, I should have invested in pieces that coordinated with the style of our home better. I went super feminine, while our other spaces are blend of modern and traditional. So, now I am thinking… We can paint and get carpet this summer. We also need a new bed. I bought a vintage bed and repainted it, but I wasn’t super happy with how it came out.

That brings me to the Colette bed from Crate and Barrel. Ah, a thing of beauty. I have drooled over it since seeing the bed featured on The Elements of Style. Pricey, yes. But all the reviews I have read say it is worth every penny.


I started the conversation with my husband by asking if he could make me a headboard. He said “probably” and then I laid the Colette bed on him.

He asked to see it, and as I rambled on trying to justify the cost, he said “we should really invest in pieces we love that will last.”

Uh huh.

I knew there was a reason I married this guy.


It is a full on Monet…


…like the painting. From far away it looks ok, but up close it’s a big old mess. (That is a Clueless reference in case you didn’t know).

And so seems to sum up my experience with painting furniture. It is done. Just don’t look at it too closely. I wanted a white vanity, and I got one. For $20. It isn’t perfect, but I suppose that is all part of the learning process. This is the second project I have attempted, and I think I have learned a few things that I can apply to the next project.

Sanding is a must, so is priming. I had a hard time with the polyurethane sealant, which I did not use the first time. I also learned about wood filler and that I hate drilling pilot holes for screws and hardware.

Don’t mind the unfinished room it sits in now either. That is my next project!

One thing leads to another

Last weekend, I wondered into a local thrift shop and spied the perfect vanity table for the guest room, a.k.a my overflow closet. It was $20, so I quickly called my husband to bring the truck to Goodwill ASAP. It is a cherry color wood, but I think with some sand paper, paint and fabric, I can change it into a a lovely piece that fits my style.

I was longing for a vanity I saw at World Market a couple weeks earlier. It was $120 on sale, but I couldn’t justify the price, even though I think it was a good deal. I mean, I don’t need a vanity table. It would just be nice.

So this is my bargain version:


And now this calls for a whole room makeover (funny how that works, right?)!

Here is my inspiration photo:



I am looking forward to the refinishing the vanity and painting the room! I will share photos soon!

Crayon Art

Once again, I found a super fun project on my favorite blog, Whatever. You hot glue crayons to canvas and then melt them with a hairdryer to make a lovely rainbow crayon work of art.

Here are my crayons all lined up nicely on an 11×14 canvas. (I tossed the whites, browns, and blacks from two 24 packs).
Project pre-hairdryer

And about 10 minutes later….

Melted crayon art

A word of caution: do this outside, and prop the canvas up against a covered surface. The hairdryer really flings the wax around. The interior of my garage door has some lovely red accents now.

This masterpiece is going in my home office.

Vintage bed project

I have been looking for a vintage style queen headboard for quite awhile, problem is, most vintage beds are full size. After talking to my mom, she suggested that I look into converter rails. Genius! I can keep my queen mattress and still have a vintage headboard!

I spotted this at Kellie’s Consignments late this week and knew it was perfect. For $99 I picked up the headboard and matching footboard. I plan to repaint it cream with sage green details to match my chair and furniture.




Home Goods Happy

I stalked the Home Goods in Lansing for weeks before it opened. I hoped that maybe one day, I’d drive by and they would open early, and I could cruise the store casually before anyone else realized they were open. That didn’t happen, and the first couple times I went it was a madhouse.

I’ve been shopping for bedroom lamps for months. I checked HG at least four or five times, went to antique stores, Meijer, Wal-Mart, Target, and never found the ones til last night. I had some time to kill before heading home, and decided to swing by HG. It was love at first sight.

I bought two of them for $49 a piece, a bargain considering the antique crystal ones I had considered for $149 each.

My bedroom makeover has taken a slightly different turn from my original plan. After I found some amazing night stands and a chair, I decided to go for the ultra feminine French Provincial look using sage green, cream/beige and dark wood tones.

With the perfect lamps in place, the search is on for curtains and artwork.