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Thrones Sunday: Honeyed Chicken

I am well aware that I missed a week or two… Things were far too busy and I wasn’t very motivated. So, long over due, but here is my review of the latest A Feast of Ice and Fire dish, Honeyed Chicken.

The recipe calls for a whole bird, but I had spilt breasts in the freezer, so that is what I used. I think any chicken on the bone will be just fine. I really like the idea of this dish, but it didn’t quite work for me. I thought the vinegar was a bit too strong, and I wanted the sauce to be more like a glaze. My disappointment may be entirely to my own error, so I will give the technique another try. I used raisins, but would love to mix it up with currants, cranberries and other dried fruit next time.

The house smelled amazing, anyway!

What have you thought about the last few episodes? I have to say, I am loving Ygritte’s character so much more in the show. I didn’t like her much in the books, but her playfulness comes through and you can’t help but love her.

I just promised my husband two Thrones recipes next week to make up for what I missed. Stay tuned!


Thrones Sunday: Crusty White Bread

I don’t know about you, but last Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones was my favorite so far this season. The ending sequence with Dany was amazing! I admire her strength and the performance Emilia Clark gave was perfection. I practically cheered in my living room!

This week’s recipe from A Feast of Ice and Fire comes from The Wall, the crusty white bread. I don’t have much experience with bread making, but I was pleased with this recipe.

I think perhaps I let my dough rest too long before putting it in the oven, as it was a kind of dense. But I honestly have no idea if resting too long is even a thing in bread making. Perhaps that is how this rustic bread is meant to be?

This recipe uses honey, which i thought was interesting, but I couldn’t really taste it in the end. All in all, the bread was satisfying hot from the oven slathered with some salted butter.

I will definitely try this again, as it is easy to mix up and I always have the ingredients on hand.

Thrones Sunday: Honey Biscuits

So, Sunday night was a close one! Our cable went all wonky — all the HBOs were out! Needless to say, I was in a bit of a panic. After 30 minutes on the phone with tech support, we gave up and signed to our HBO Go account. It was a good thing, too, because I would have been pretty bent if I had to miss Thrones!

Anyhow — I tried a new recipe from A Feast of Ice and Fire, Modern Honey Biscuits. This was is certainly up there as one of my favorite recipes from the book. The biscuits are more like cookies. They have a nice ginger spiciness, which is well balanced from the sugar coating. They go nicely with Earl Grey tea or a tall glass of milk.

What are your thoughts on Season 3 so far? This is the one I have been waiting for — so many good plot twists are coming up. I love seeing Martin’s books brought to life on screen. Jojen Reed is exactly how I pictured him! Love it!

Game of Thrones Sunday

It is Thrones Sunday and that means I tried another recipe from A Feast of Ice and Fire. Tonight we had 17th Century Baked Apples and Mulled Wine.

Baked Apples: For such a simple dish, these were very good. I was tempted to make an oat crumble as topping, but decided to stay true to the recipe. For me, they needed some vanilla ice cream, but I think anyone would find them very good alone. The recipe has you put a bit of water in the baking dish. When the apples were cook, I pour the sugary cinnamon water into a sauce pan and reduced it down. Pour that stuff over some ice cream!

Mulled Wine: I will be honest, I kinda winged it on this one. I had half a bottle of cheap red wine, and I added a little of this, a little of that. Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, orange juice, sugar, cloves, orange slices… I added it all and tasted as I went. I do like it. It simmered for about 30 minutes and let it cool. I perhaps went a little heavy with the orange slices, as it has a little bitterness to it. Also, I prefer to drink this lukewarm rather than pipping hot. If I ever make this for a crowd, I will be sure to follow the recipe to a T!

A Game of Thrones Feast


We are big Game of Thrones nerds in our house. We didn’t get into it until the HBO series, but my husband is now on his third read though of the entire five books and I am working on my second (by point of view characters this time). The food lover that I am, I had to get the book, A Feast of Ice and Fire. And since tonight is the season three premiere, it was the perfect time to have a Thrones feast at home.

The book itself is beautiful. It has amazing photos, and what I love most are the quotes from the novels that precede each recipe in the cookbook. The book is organized by region (The North, King’s Landing, etc.) and includes an introduction from George R. R. Martin, the author of the series.

I made three recipes from the book today: modern beef and bacon pie, corn fritters and lemon cakes. Overall I am really pleased and plan to continue to try a new dish every Thrones Sunday for the rest of the season.

Beef and Bacon Pie: O.M.G. It is like beef stew in pie form. It is amazing. A-ma-zing. Potatoes, carrots, onion and beef all come together to make a lovely thick filling for a buttery crust topped with salty bacon. Health food this is not, but damn it is good. (Note: I was too cheap to buy the $10 bottle (on sale from $15) of saffron for the crust, and it came out fine. Maybe I am missing some epic flavor combination, so let me know if you think it is a must!)

Corn Fritters: These were easy enough to make, but didn’t quite have the flavor I was expecting. I think if I do them again, I will add a bit of sugar and salt to the batter. They are probably 10 times better when corn is in season and fresh from the cob. I used frozen corn, and it just didn’t have that yummy cornbread flavor I was hoping for.

Lemon Cakes: These were one of the first food items I heard others talk about in context of the book. The are referenced quite frequently in the series and were served on the food truck to promote the series in New York. I made the Elizabethan lemon cakes, as the petit fours looked like too much work to me. I was worried the zest of two lemons would be over powering, but it wasn’t. The cookies / cakes have just the right amount of lemon and sweetness. I didn’t even bother with the icing, as I thought the sweet level was just perfect as is. I am intrigued that the recipe is based on one from the year 1690, and contains only flour, butter, eggs, sugar and lemon. Very simple and delicious. I think I have eaten 10 today. No joke.

If you are a thrones fan and considering getting this book, I hope you do! I will share my recipe reviews each week as we watch the show. Enjoy!