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I’m still here…

Wow, it’s been a busy few months. I’ve sort of abandoned this little blog, but I’m still out there!

I’m doing a monthly recipe series over at Insist on Awesome. So far we’ve done Pumpkin Cranberry Bread and Butternut Squash Soup. I’ve recently started experimenting with making my own pasta, so I think a tutorial on homemade fettuccine alfredo is needed.

The always lovely Kat Cooper of Ginger, Adorned also worked with me on a wardrobe makeover. You can find a post on my experience over on her blog.

Back in August my husband and I had our anniversary photos taken by McShane Photography. Check out this beauty! Seriously — I feel like she made us into a work of art! If you are in Lansing and get the chance for Jena to do you photos, DO IT!

And so with that, I’ll leave you with one of my new favorite songs. Classy Girls from The Lumineers. The whole album is amazing. And only $7.99 on iTunes.


One of those days…

It’s turning colder, and I do hope it stays. I love the fall, the changing leaves and wearing jeans and my MSU hoodie. There’s nothing better than a crisp Michigan day in the fall.

But today I feel like hiding under a rock. I don’t want to face the mountain of work I have to do, or think about planning or anything other than reading, knitting, sweatpants and hot cider. It’s the kind of day where I hit repeat over and over on this song.

It’s sad and slow, and just really how I’m feeling today.

In other exciting news (sarcasm there, folks), I finished my first knitted lace hat. Photos later. I also knitted a black wool hat for my dad, but I don’t like it. I used size 9 needles and I should have stuck with the size 7s I used the first time. It’s too loose. So, I’ll keep it at my house and maybe wear it when taking the dog out this winter. I plan to re-do one for my dad. But that will wait until after I get started on the next kid-sized hat for my class at the end of the month. Jesus, I turn 30 and my life is just a non-stop rock show. All that knitting and stuff.

Whatever, I guess.

A new hobby


I can see how this might become addictive. Took a lunch trip to Flat, Black and Circular today and picked up six new albums.

They had Rubber Soul by The Beatles for $40 and that was very difficult to pass, but I did. If it’s still there next time I probably won’t be as strong.

I got another Loudon Wainwright, Tony Bennett, Judy Garland and three classical albums (two Chopin and one Beethoven).

I really wanted to check out The Record Lounge, but they were closed. I’ll make a point to go another time.

And the best part is that I got all six for less than $10!

Happiness is…

…finally playing my dad’s albums. I got my mom to dig them out of her closet recently and let me take them home. I’ve been searching craigslist and found a record player to get me started.

I debated the all-in-one unit over the component system. I know the sound quality won’t be as good as it could be, but I have limited space and figured this would at least be a quick, inexpensive option for now. Plus, it looks cool and has a CD player and AM/FM radio.

I didn’t expect the tears to fall when the first song from Bob Dylan’s Self Portrait started, but they did. These albums hold so many good memories of Sunday mornings with my parents.

Buddy Holly was second in line, and it’s playing as I type this.

Happiness. Truly. 🙂