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Birchbox Faves, Part 2

I have a new Birchbox favorite to share!

Lately, I have tried to take better care of my hair. I cut it last fall, I totally and regret it (like I always do). I switched to boar bristle brushes, bought strengthening shampoo, and use heat protectant religiously.

My new favorite product is a three-in-one Birchbox exclusive called Beauty Protector.


It conditions, protects and detangles hair, even long, easily snarled hair like mine. It is lightweight and smells nice, too! It is a tad pricey, but if you are serious about protecting your hair it’s a worthy investment. An added bonus: it is free of paradens and sulfates.

So, fellow Birchboxer, what did you think of Beauty Protector?


Birchbox Faves

I have been getting Birchbox since November, so I thought it was time to share some of my new favorite products. Birchbox is a subscription service that sends you a monthly box of sample size beauty products. The box is $10 per month, shipping included. I heard from several friends how much they loved it, and had to try it myself.

The service is perfect for me for a couple reasons. One, I am not a product junkie (although, I might be turning into one). I have never been the type to spend a lot of time in places like Ulta or Sephora.

I also don’t like to spend a lot of money on a product unless I know I can’t live without it. So for very little money, I get to try a lot of different stuff and see what works for me.

Here are my Birchbox faves so far:

Oscar Blandi Texture and Volume Spray


This spray was in my first box, and I am currently on my second full size bottle. I really love it. I have stick-straight, sometimes limp hair, and this gives it some hold and body without being heavy or sticky. It goes on clear, smells pleasant enough and just makes my hair manageable. At $25, it is officially the most expensive hair care product I have ever purchased, but completely worth it. I love it so much I want to try the invisible shampoo, too!

theBalm MaryLou Manizer
It took me some time to warm up to my next fave, but it has become part of my daily routine and I don’t see myself turning back. MaryLou Manizer from theBalm is awesome. It is a honey-colored highlighter that you can use anywhere on your face. I have been using it as eyeshadow, and it is the perfect golden shade with an ever-so-slight shimmer.


It feels like a grown up version of my eyeshadow standard since the eighth grade: CoverGirl Eye Enhancers in Champagne. I wore this almost daily for more than 15 years and I really needed a change. While I still have a soft spot for my CG, it is time to upgrade to the subtle glimmer of MaryLou. I’m still using the generous sample, but I plan to purchase this in the full size.

Supergoop! CC Cream
Finally, I am in love with Supergoop! CC Cream. I have tried a bazillion foundations: mineral powders, liquid, cream, BB creams, and I was almost about to spent $65 on some Dior airbrush foundation spray when Supergoop! changed the game. I have combination skin, and that makes it more difficult to find the right product, especially one that covers well, lasts, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


“CC” stands for color correcting, and I have been very happy with the way it looks on my fair, freckled skin. The texture is smooth and it blends really well. I apply it and set with translucent powder. I have been wearing it for about a week, and I absolutely plan to purchase a full size tube.

So, there you have it! I hope you find these reviews helpful. I can’t say enough about Birchbox and the products I have received so far. There are many more product samples that I have enjoyed, but these three are far and away my favorites right now.

P.S. I am in no way affiliated with Birchbox or have I been paid to write about any of these products. I just love them and wanted to share! However, if you follow this link to sign up, I earn points to buy products! 🙂

There is Propane in My Dry Shampoo


This should not be a thing. There is butane and propane in the dry shampoo I just bought from Sally Beauty Supply. I haven’t used it yet, and I can tell you that it is heading straight to the trash can. I do not want to spray propane on my head. The “flammable” warning on the front should have tipped me off, but I could barely believe it when I read the word “propane.”

Is that safe? How can it be legal?

Let me just go dowse my hair in a highly flammable fuel. Ok, yeah, that’s better.

Um, no.

I checked another brand of dry shampoo that I got from Brichbox. No propane or butane. I am not positive that any of the other words on the label are any less harmful, but I know I will not be spraying myself with PROPANE!

I will now be much more aware of the ingredients in the products I use.