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Hemlock Grove on Netflix

I discovered the series Hemlock Grove last night about 1 a.m. and watched the first two episodes. I literally laughed out loud at this warning before the trailer.


I mean, what the hell?

Weirdness aside, I love that Netflix is doing their own series. We got sucked into House of Cards and watched the entire season in a weekend. It is a little sad to admit we watched roughly 15 hours of TV in a weekend, but hey, we are married people who like Netflix.

But I digress. My husband is a big fan of shows with werewolves and vampires, so he is into it for now. I have had to cover my eyes a few times, but I love that Famke Janssen stars in the show. She is so beautiful!

Have you watched Hemlock Grove? I hear it is based on a book, and I wonder if the book is worth checking out, too. Tell me your thoughts!