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The Lady Room Project

My house is my favorite hobby, and the last six months I’ve been at work on my “Lady Room.” 

One of the bedrooms is very small, and previously we used it as a guest room with a twin bed. I think we had two house guests in the three years we lived there, so it really didn’t get used very much. Pinterest inspired me to display my wedding dress, which led to the idea to turn the spare bedroom into a walk-in closet. 

And it’s FINALLY finished! 

Here’s a before shot. (Yes, that is golf wallpaper border. Ugh). 



And here are my after photos:





I thrifted almost everything in the room. Here’s my grand total:

  • Paint Supplies: $25
  • Shelf Wood and Hardware: $35
  • Baskets: $25 (for all three — 60% off at JoAnn’s!)
  • Vanity Table: $20 at Goodwill (refinished with paint and supplies that were on hand)
  • Vanity Chair: Free from a friend
  • Dress form: $25 on Craigslist
  • Mirror: $40 at Walmart
  • Shoe Curio Cabinet: $100 on Craigslist 
  • Chair: $45 from local consignment shop

$315 Grand Total

I love this room so much. It is nice to start the day getting ready in my own space with no dude stuff in the way! And I love getting to see my wedding gown everyday. It’s so much nicer than stuffing it in a closet for all eternity. I have couple more small things to add — some hooks for inside the small closet (not pictured) to hang bags and belts. I may add a few small pieces of artwork to the walls, but I really enjoy the clutter-free look, so that’s only if I find something I can’t live without. 


The Colette Bed

I bought some furniture and art for our bedroom last year, but I kinda knew it was a temporary fix because the room really needs new carpet and paint (and that wasn’t in the budget at the time).

Looking at it now, I should have invested in pieces that coordinated with the style of our home better. I went super feminine, while our other spaces are blend of modern and traditional. So, now I am thinking… We can paint and get carpet this summer. We also need a new bed. I bought a vintage bed and repainted it, but I wasn’t super happy with how it came out.

That brings me to the Colette bed from Crate and Barrel. Ah, a thing of beauty. I have drooled over it since seeing the bed featured on The Elements of Style. Pricey, yes. But all the reviews I have read say it is worth every penny.


I started the conversation with my husband by asking if he could make me a headboard. He said “probably” and then I laid the Colette bed on him.

He asked to see it, and as I rambled on trying to justify the cost, he said “we should really invest in pieces we love that will last.”

Uh huh.

I knew there was a reason I married this guy.