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I got to meet Anthony Bourdain (for a split second)

Me and Anthony BourdainI looked forward to this for months. My family was awesome and bought me two front-row VIP tickets to see Anthony Bourdain on Tour at The Wharton Center for Performing Arts in East Lansing.

I have been a fan for sometime now. I first discovered his show on Netflix and spent all my nights and weekends plowing through the first seven or eight seasons. I read Kitchen Confidential and Medium Raw, saw him on tour with Eric Ripert last February and finally got to meet him last night (for a spilt second).

It was cool. The show was great. He begins with a comedy routine, ripping on Food Network stars like Paula Deen and Guy Fieri. Then he transitions into stories about the people and places featured on his show. He weaves in topics like health, politics, history and how they play a role in what we eat and why. I found his talk fascinating and totally worth it.

The VIP part takes places after the show. Essentially, Bourdain does a book signing for the first three rows, about 150 people at a local restaurant. Ours was at Red Haven. It was crowded, loud, and since I was tired, I got anxious. After only about 20 minutes in line, I got my minute face time with Tony. Maybe he was just as tired as I was, because he didn’t seem especially gracious or happy to be there. I said hello, he nodded and signed my books. I asked for a picture, resulting in another nod. I said “thank you” and I was off.

Anthony Bourdain Book Signing

I am not sure what I was expecting. I know he can’t have conversations with everyone. In fact, I am not even really sure what I would have or should have said. He also spelled my name wrong on one of my books. Oh well. If any Lindsay’s out there love Kitchen Confidential, I have a signed copy for you.

All in all, I enjoyed the show. I am glad he came to Lansing. I am glad he plans to do an episode on Detroit. It is good for Michigan, and that’s good enough for me.