Family Pictures

Family Photos by Shelby Rodriguez I wanted to take some family photos for a while now — and by family, I mean me, my husband and our dog, Dieter. The tripod.

I’m lucky enough to work with some amazingly talented people, one being a newly graduated student from Michigan State University, photographer Shelby Rodriguez. She is amazing. Seriously amazing. I told her I wanted photos before she lands an amazing job in New York City and leaves us behind! Because I know she will! Insane talent!

She took a zillion photos, and I ended up with roughly 60 beautiful photos of my little family. The above are just a couple of my favorites. The puppy kiss will be framed and hung in our hallway, just under a photo of the three of us when Dieter was five weeks old.

It’s amazing how dogs can become part of the family, isn’t it? I know we love our shepherd like we would any child in our lives. And I don’t care what anyone says, I know for a fact that pup loves us back. I can see it plain on his face and in his bushy, wagging tail. 🙂


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