Some Days I Feel Lucky.

…And today was certainly one of those days. I was asked to judge a cooking competition between two student interns working at the Michigan State University test kitchen and two of the MSU chefs. It’s a little tradition that has started. The interns love to challenge the chefs at the end of the year, showing off everything  they have learned. It started last spring with the first official interns, and the tradition has continued with the new pair this year.

I’m so happy they asked me to be a judge. Even if only in a small way, I love being a part of the food culture here at MSU. My heart is truly in it, and it’s great to witness students loving what they are learning and mentors dedicated to teaching.

Michigan State Students Vs. Chefs food gallery


The corn chowder (top left) and duck with Dauphinoise potatoes (lower left) were my favorites. The students also had some really creative ideas, like animal cracker french toast with bourbon whip cream (lower right).

Not a bad way to spend a Monday morning.



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