End of Season Boot Sales!

I was at a movie theatre this weekend, and a girl waiting in line near me had the most amazing boots. I am kicking myself for not asking her about them, and I spent my entire Saturday on a boot hunt. The good news is that it’s April and fall boots are on clearance.

I haven’t been able to find the same ones I saw on my movie mate, but these Etienne Aigner ones are close. Imagine them with a lower heel, darker brown, and rounded edges along the fabric.


I know, right? They were awesome.

I hit almost every shop in town on Saturday with no luck. DSW had some great boots on clearance, but nothing in my size. I ended up coming home and ordering these babies online for $25.


So the search continues for the perfect boots, but at least I scored some cute ones on clearance for now!


2 thoughts on “End of Season Boot Sales!

  1. Stephanie

    Eugh…I am in dire need of new leather boots for next year. The ones I have are old and covered in salt stains and have holes in them. I fear I’ve already missed the “sale” window. Hopefully I am wrong!

  2. Lindsey Post author

    Check out DSW. They had some nice ones in store a week or so ago, but nothing in my size!

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