It is a full on Monet…


…like the painting. From far away it looks ok, but up close it’s a big old mess. (That is a Clueless reference in case you didn’t know).

And so seems to sum up my experience with painting furniture. It is done. Just don’t look at it too closely. I wanted a white vanity, and I got one. For $20. It isn’t perfect, but I suppose that is all part of the learning process. This is the second project I have attempted, and I think I have learned a few things that I can apply to the next project.

Sanding is a must, so is priming. I had a hard time with the polyurethane sealant, which I did not use the first time. I also learned about wood filler and that I hate drilling pilot holes for screws and hardware.

Don’t mind the unfinished room it sits in now either. That is my next project!


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