One thing leads to another

Last weekend, I wondered into a local thrift shop and spied the perfect vanity table for the guest room, a.k.a my overflow closet. It was $20, so I quickly called my husband to bring the truck to Goodwill ASAP. It is a cherry color wood, but I think with some sand paper, paint and fabric, I can change it into a a lovely piece that fits my style.

I was longing for a vanity I saw at World Market a couple weeks earlier. It was $120 on sale, but I couldn’t justify the price, even though I think it was a good deal. I mean, I don’t need a vanity table. It would just be nice.

So this is my bargain version:


And now this calls for a whole room makeover (funny how that works, right?)!

Here is my inspiration photo:



I am looking forward to the refinishing the vanity and painting the room! I will share photos soon!


2 thoughts on “One thing leads to another

  1. Lindsey Post author

    Thanks! I started sanding it tonight. I should have photos by the end of the week!

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