Hello, 2012

Holy crap, I can’t believe the holidays are over. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years were probably the best holidays I have had in years…. and I think it’s mostly because we lived them on our own terms this year. We had Thanksgiving for 2, Christmas with our family, and New Year’s dinner with friends, making it home and in PJs before midnight and sleeping soon after.

I even checked a few items off the Day Zero list. I learned to cable knit (not as difficult as I thought) and I watched one of five classic movies, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It was so not what I expected (she’s a hooker!), but I did like it. It’s interesting to read that Truman Capote thought Hepburn was all wrong for the part of Holly Golightly — he envisioned Marilyn Monroe. Who knew?


I’m also at work on a few projects for my kitchen. While on 11 days of vacation, I spent a more than a few nights on Pinterest.

I’m attempting to make a version of this for above my kitchen sink:

I’m also attempting to fashion my own pot rack to hang above my kitchen window. Pot racks are insanely expensive, I don’t want anything too big, and I don’t need to have a shelf-type thing. So, by annoying people I know with lots of questions, I think I’ve got it figured out.

To round out my kitchen accessories, I bought a knife magnet and got rid of the knife block taking up room on my counter. I love it. $16 from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Knife Magnet

And the chefs I work with shamed me for the cheap knives with plastic handles, so those, my friends, are already in the trash. As Anthony Bourdain says: “all you you will ever need in the knife department: ONE good chef’s knife, as large as is comfortable for your hand.” Got it, Tony.

I can’t wait to post some photos of my herb garden and pot rack!

Happy 2012!


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