Good Weekend

Friday – Pizza and beer at Eaton Pub and Grille. I had a Woodchuck. Man, I love that stuff. Then, we saw The Thing at the movies (salty, buttery popcorn…). I didn’t want to see this – it was a James pick – but it was actually pretty scary and gross. I have never seen the original or the remake with Kurt Russell, but I was entertained with this one.

Saturday – Up early and at the grocery store. I like going in the morning before the crazy soccer moms get there. I bought Dragon Fruit (it doesn’t taste as good as it looks – needs more sweetness and tartness).

Dragon Fruit

Then, I came home to watch my Spartans beat the Michigan Wolverines for the 4th year in a row. Sweet, sweet victory. Hail to real victors, the Michigan State Spartans!

Chips, cheese dip, MBC Nut Brown. And I also made my family chili and skillet cornbread. I have this cornbread down cold. Now I need to experiment with mixing stuff in (jalapenos and such).

Saturday ended with a trip to Blockbuster to get The Omen (remake with Julia Stiles) on Blu-Ray, which we’ve seen at least three times already. And it’s true – I love this movie because she wears such nice outfits.

Sunday – Slept til 11 a.m., cleaned the house liked there was no tomorrow, pot roast in the slow cooker, and finished it off with Boardwalk Empire and puppy snuggles.

Good stuff.


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