One of those days…

It’s turning colder, and I do hope it stays. I love the fall, the changing leaves and wearing jeans and my MSU hoodie. There’s nothing better than a crisp Michigan day in the fall.

But today I feel like hiding under a rock. I don’t want to face the mountain of work I have to do, or think about planning or anything other than reading, knitting, sweatpants and hot cider. It’s the kind of day where I hit repeat over and over on this song.

It’s sad and slow, and just really how I’m feeling today.

In other exciting news (sarcasm there, folks), I finished my first knitted lace hat. Photos later. I also knitted a black wool hat for my dad, but I don’t like it. I used size 9 needles and I should have stuck with the size 7s I used the first time. It’s too loose. So, I’ll keep it at my house and maybe wear it when taking the dog out this winter. I plan to re-do one for my dad. But that will wait until after I get started on the next kid-sized hat for my class at the end of the month. Jesus, I turn 30 and my life is just a non-stop rock show. All that knitting and stuff.

Whatever, I guess.


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