Bucket list eats

Before I kick it, I want to eat at these places (in no particular order):


10 Arts

The French Laundry



Les Halles (just cause I love me some Anthony Bourdain.)

Salt of the Earth (I get to check this one off in about a week!)


Girl and the Goat

I tried to list some I will actually get to (Salt of the Earth, Roast) with some not-in-this-lifetimes (The French Laundry, Alinea) just in case I get lucky.

I’m hoping to start some fine-dining boot camp so that I can work on that whole seafood thing. And I need to start saving. I’m going to publicly say that I’m secretly hoping to make it to Alinea for my 31st birthday. The big 3-0 turned out to be sort of a depress-fest, and I really want 31 to be different. I know it’s expensive. Really expensive. But it was named the best restaurant in North America and it’s four hours away! Come on! How can I not go? (I just finished reading Chef Grant Achatz book, Life, On the Line).

I’m excited for Salt of the Earth, though. My mom and I are taking a trip to Fennville for some wine and antiques, so I suggested we stop for dinner. I hear that their bread is amazing!

So anyways, here’s to having a dream! šŸ™‚


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