Expanding my horizons

I don’t eat seafood. No fish or shellfish. Never have. Ever. I want to. Really, I do. But I feel like hyperventilating when it’s on my plate. I love Eric Ripert, but I’d need a lot of wine before I would be up to eating his food.

I was near panic at Boka thinking I’d have to eat seafood, and then felt like a dork when they made me special plates.

Apparently, it’s Copper River Salmon time. And apparently, that’s as good as it gets as far as salmon goes. So, a nice person cooked some for me and I did manage to take two small bites. And really, it wasn’t horrible. The flavor was just fine. And it looked amazing, as you can see. It also smelled pretty alright. But the soft, flakey texture was almost too much for me to handle.

Two bites. Two small bites. Not much, but I suppose a step in the right direction.


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