Strawberry mascarpone tart

So my Chicago trip pretty much has me thinking food non-stop lately. When I stumbled on this recipe from Epicurious, I had to try it!

It was pretty much awesome. Here’s a look at the steps to make it:

I combined all the ingredients for the shell in my food processor. A couple of whirls and it looks like this:
Making dough

Then you knead the dough til it’s smooth
dough ball

And press it into the tart pan. I didn’t have pie weights, and I’m not sure it really made a difference. I suppose mine didn’t come out quite as pretty, but oh well.

While the shell bakes, mix the sugar and strawberries. After 20 minutes or so, it makes magic strawberry syrup!
strawberries and sugar

Strain the syrup off and mix with a little of this stuff
Dow's Ruby Port

Reduce it on the stove top til it looks like this

port reduction

(hint: save the extra and pour over vanilla ice cream later).

For some reason, I don’t have photos of making the mascarpone mixture (getting too hungry at this point). I also added a tad more powdered sugar and lemon juice than what the recipe calls for. Taste it while you make it. See what you like.

Then, once the tart has cooled, spread the mascarpone on it, top with the strawberries, drizzle on port reduction.


strawberry mascarpone tart

So good!!


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