Decisions, decisions

new night stands

I picked up a pair of night stands today at a consignment shop in East Lansing. I debated on them for about 10 minutes before I saw another woman checking them out. Nothing seals the deal like competition!

I bought the night stands, and have a long dresser with a mirror on hold. There was another matching dresser – a bit taller, without a mirror that was about $50 less. I called back and had them hold that one as well. I am starting to think the taller dresser will give me more room as you walk in to the bedroom. Maybe I could add a cute little bench or something.

I need to think on it.

The color on the stands doesn’t come through in the photo, but it’s kind of cream/yellow. I’m thinking I could paint the walls a light grey and get yellow accessories. I love the way white, grey and yellow look together.

I’ve been a bit ADD lately in getting the house together – I’ve painted the kitchen and the office, but not done much else to complete those rooms. I like working on it all at once – getting pieces as I come across them rather than shopping specifically for a certain item.

I know it drives James nuts, but I really don’t care. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions

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