Have paint, will spray

I enjoy DIY projects. And I like saving money. I have this dream to one day buy old furniture and fix it up into something really lovely. I do not yet have the skills to take on such a project, so for now I’m sticking to paint.

We needed new stools in our kitchen for the breakfast bar. The stools we have now came with the house and do not match the new style I’m going for. I looked at new ones in stores, and realized I could spend anywhere from $75 to $100. I’d rather use that money for my ceiling fan.

So, I decided to try painting. I used some Rust-oleum in glossy espresso brown. It took two cans to paint both stools. I’m pretty happy with the end result. The guy I married on the other hand, is not such a fan. He’d rather buy everything new, but for a $12 investment, I say the paint job will work for now.

The kitchen stool before:
stool before

And after my handy paint job:
kitchen stool after


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