Transforming my kitchen

This is what my kitchen looked like on April 15:

Ah yes. The country bumpkin wallpaper and brassy lighting.

I’m happy to report the wallpaper is gone and a new coat of paint is up. I spent the weekend priming, painting and installing new window blinds. It already looks a million times better.

For the main wall color, I chose a light grey called Manhattan Mist.

The accent color along the top (where the wallpaper used to be) is dark grey, purple, bluish color called Milestone. This one has to grow on me, as I expected more blue than purple. I really do like it, though.

Back in December, we had to unexpectedly replace our fridge. I went old school with freezer-on-top style. I really hate side-by-sides.

The next major appliance purchase will be the dishwasher, followed by the range. All matching, of course.

Now I need to decide on flooring. It will be laminate or vinyl, and I think my husband is going to try to convince me to go wood-style, but I am leaning more toward a slate-style.

I like something this better:

We plan to purchase new wood cabinet doors and refinish the existing boxes in an espresso to match the living room furniture (visible from the kitchen).

I really want granite counter tops, but have a beer budget, so I am not sure if that will be possible. We are debating purchasing new laminate (not a fan of that plan) or refinishing what we have in a new color. Rust-Oleum makes a product that refinishes the surface on the cheap ($250 for counter tops; $80 for cabinets).

I have a really nice window over my counter, and I think this small pot rack from Crate & Barrel would be perfect:

I might even buy those orange Rachel Ray pots to display!

As far as other accessories, I’m thinking:

To replace that hideous track lighting

To replace the hideous matching gold fan:

And finally, new seating:

Painting the room was the first major step in getting this project done. I fully anticipate it taking well into the fall/winter before we are finished. Floors are the next big purchase…probably a least a month down the road!

I can’t wait!


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