Bedroom inspiration

My intent was to take down the hideous wallpaper in my kitchen this weekend, and instead I spent Saturday on the couch watching hours of HGTV and DIY. It was not a total waste, though, because it helped me finally figure out an idea for my bedroom.

There’s a window at the head of my bed. Currently, I have some long drapes to keep the sun out, but I really want a headboard, and I’ve struggled with the drapes and the headboard looking good together.

While watching Designed to Sell, I got the idea of a whole wall of drapes behind the bed. I think I’d take the wall and hang long, flowy, white drapes across the whole thing.

It would look something like this (just not yellow, obviously):

via The Lennoxx
I imagine the headboard would be something like this grey and white upholstered one:


As far as wall color, I’m thinking something in a dusty purple

All the trim would be white and the carpet would be a dark charcoal.

The furniture will be simple and white. Something like this one from

Lamps would be simple, but romantic. This one is also from

And I’d keep peonies in a silver julep cup, just like this from Etsy:

My bedding would be simple as well – a down comforter with a duvet in grey with some lavender throw pillows.

What do you think? My mom thinks it sounded too girly, but I say, too bad. 🙂

Now, I just need to get to work!


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