Home Makeover

One of my new year’s goals was to finally finish the odds and ends of my living room. This summer my husband and I worked very hard to get rid of the 1987 floral wallpaper, vertical blinds, hideously worn baby blue carpet and all our hand-me-down-college-days furniture.

We painted, hung new drywall, added crown molding, new baseboards, carpet and new furniture. I was pretty exhausted after all that – both mentally and financially, but now I’m getting the itch to tackle other rooms. Before launching into a whole new project, I want to complete the living room.

The two last remaining items are lamps and a console/sofa table. I found the perfect floor lamp today at Target. I’m so excited to go home and see how it looks in the room!

I almost bought a bookshelf to use as a table (to go under the painting my in-laws brought back from Spain in the 1970s), but decided it wasn’t the right style. The bookshelf is a little more traditional, and the style in my living room is very contemporary. I don’t want to buy something just to fill the space. It has to be right.

I completely fell for this console table, but they only sell it in black. I need the espresso finish. So, I’ll keep looking.

Here is a before picture of the living room – the day we moved in:

I love that big window with all my heart, but totally hated the blinds. I replaced them with dusty blue/gray microfiber curtains.

And here are two “after” shots:

(pardon the doggie behind)


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