My dad’s music

I like to think that I have pretty good taste in music. I’m not a total music snob, and I don’t know everything, but my favorite memories revolve around listening to music with my parents when I was a kid.

I can still smell the Sunday morning breakfast, and remember the big newspaper spread all over our living room floor. My dad sat in his chair with the paper, twisting his beard while reading and I got to go through his cases of cassette tapes and flip through albums picking what we’d listen to next.

Now that I have a house of my own, my parents let me take what’s left of their record collection (there’s a sad story about where the rest went, but I’ll keep that for myself).

I have a room in my house that I plan to re-do, and part of the make over includes a turn table and space for the albums. I can’t wait to listen to them, though I have to admit, I don’t even know how to work a record player. Do you put the needle on the inside or the outside of the record? I’ll have to Google that.

Anyhow, here are a few of my favorites from my dad’s stash:

There is one more album, my most favorite – the Rolling Stones, Let It Bleed. This one did not survive the years at our house. But I picked up a copy at a resale shop last year (I have two copies, actually). So, I think it’s only appropriate to frame one and display in my house.

Oh, and just for fun. One of my favorite music/movie scenes of all time:


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